Melisa Bule
Melisa Christiana, 17, Indonesia.
An introvert, pluviophile, & animal phobia.

Menulis tentang apa yang saya tidak bisa ungkapkan.
Lebih banyak bercerita di sini dari pada sosial media lain.

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Photographer Bryan Alexander has travelled Siberia documenting the lives of the Chukchi, Dolgan, E’ven, Khanty, Komi, Nenets, and Nganasan people, showing their traditional camps, transportation and dress. See more »

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Photography on We Heart It -

Photography on We Heart It -

Bahkan belom menjadi orang terkenal, sudah banyak yang ga suka.

❝Bersatu kita runtuh. Bercerai kita teguh.❞
— Mungkin pribahasa terbalik itu yang paling tepat mengumpamakan persahabatan kita. Lebih baik kita berpisah.

Late is the hour  by somehowlou on Flickr.

Besok saya berumur 17.



klik play aja deh :’)


Tonton aja….. :”)

Ga usah ragu2. Klik aja buat nonton.

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Type by Mark van Leeuwen

brand silva/2013

Lidó Rico

I stay up until three in the morning
reading someone else’s words.

Waiting for each sentence to permeate
my consciousness
to mean something to me.

When I focus on the right poem
the right string of words—
all the world stops and I can
focus on the quiet.

If I put all my attention
into focusing on this
I can pull it all from the furthest
corners of my mind
and I can meditate inside it
for a few moments. I
can live inside it.

Nothing else matters
outside of what I have found, there.
That silence.

I wake up, eat Ethiopian food
and come back to more words
by more strangers. It has
always been so much easier
for me to connect
with strangers

through their work
than actual humans
I have met—
seen to face to face.
witnessed their breathing
patterns. their footsteps.

all these memories swimming
around in my consciousness—
they belong to me.

I should probably be doing
something with them, rather
than just letting them lay around,

— "On Poetry and Strangers" by Radha Kistler {} (via floatinginthethoughtstreams)
❝Terkadang, damai itu justru didapat dari keterasingan akan dunia.❞
— @jalansaja_ (via jalansaja)